NBA Live 18 – How to Perform off-ball Xbox One

A guide that shows what are button combos needed to do off-ball, play calling, and defensive pressure controls for NBA Live 18 on XB1.

Off-ball controls. Pressing and holding the LB button triggers the control for the set screen. If players hold the RT button and use the right stick to move away from the defender, then they will perform a push off move. If the LT button is held while the player is doing a rebound, a box out move is done. The right stick can be used for a box out swim. If players wish to do a box out steer, they must hold the LT button and then use the left stick. Pressing the A button is the control for call for pass. A post up move is done by holding the LT button. Players can enable a teammate to shoot if they use the X button. It’s possible to do a spin-off defender move. First, players need to hold the RT button. They will then draw a half circle in the downwards direction with the right stick.

Play calling controls. Most of these commands are performed with the directional pad. For screen play, users will need to tap the button on the right arrow. A tap in the opposite direction will trigger the command for a cut play. To open choose play, users have to tap the down button. An isolation play command is issued when the up button on the D-pad is tapped. If the LB button is used and the right stick is released, then a select play command is done. Players can also tap the up button to select a suggested play.

Defensive pressure controls. There are four commands here and all of them are done using the D-pad. Unlike the play calling controls that required one tap, these ones are done when double tapping. A pack paint is done by double tapping the up button. The down button is used for coach default control. A double tap in the left direction will issue a star focus command. Pressure shooters are enabled when double tapping the right button. Knowing more game guides can help you have more chance to get the nba live 18 coins as the rewards, also other rewards you can get for winning more.


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